our vision:

We create simple, wearable art to live in.  Refreshing Colors. Relaxed structure. Versatile elements. An effortless, everyday statement.

Jamie + the Jones embraces the concept of collaboration and modernizes traditional textile techniques such as fabric marbling and dyeing. We create wearable art with each textile manipulated garment, leading to distinctive one-of-a-kind pieces that are paired with textured and structured basics. 


who we are, from us to you: 

We are Jamie Frazier + Hannah Jones, owners of Jamie + the Jones.  We strive to bring a fresh perspective to design by providing you, our customer, a new look into textile techniques, color, and collaboration.  Our goal since the birth of Jamie + the Jones has always focused on the blend of quality and effortless beauty, packaged into whimsical and wearable silhouettes that can be worn on any occasion.

We believe our work is contrived from the universal language of color, our main source of inspiration. Color has the ability to transcend how we think, what we feel, and how we perceive life and those around us. Interesting color combinations, hues, textures, and the process of developing color fascinates us.  Color is how we begin a collaboration, how we plan a collection, and the way we envision the future of Jamie + the Jones. 

Collaboration is how we breathe life into J+J, or rather, how others breathe life into our brand. A marbler. A weaver. A knitter. A pair of farmers who make sustainable soaps and skincare . These craftsmen have been what makes us the business we believe in... A merging of ideas and talent. A mutual sense of education and growth; an element we find fundamental to our own growth as a company.

We discovered Jamie + the Jones based on this idea of collaboration while we attended O'More College of Design in Franklin, TN. Our vision of design was very similar and our talents were very different. We found strengths from each other that we could not find in ourselves. We created our first collections together and in the next coming years, founded Jamie + the Jones upon graduation in 2009. What we see in life and our brand is simple: We believe in beauty. We believe in simplicity. And we believe that, above all, a little artistic flair is good for the soul. 

 Every garment you see is produced in our Nashville studio. We would love for you to stop by. 

See you real soon...

Jamie + Hannah

Jamie + the Jones