Hey There, Loyal J+J Pals ! 


We are SO excited to share our scraps with you in the form of Scrap Bundles! At J+J, our goal is to be as efficient as possible as we continue to grow. We have a lot of love for our fabrics ,as you probably know, and the last thing we want to see are these beauties going to waste. It is hard to part with such pretty colors and not know where they will end up so we decided to make them available to you ! 

If we had all the time in the world, we would sit around watching Friends (or Reba) while making J+J quilts with our Raw Silk scraps… Perhaps a retirement goal for us ? 

When your scraps arrive, they will be bundled into pretty rolls with significant pieces for you to create with. Because these are from garment cutting, you will probably notice a lot of your scraps have the cut remains of tops, sleeves, pockets etc. We decided not to square these off in order for you to get the most use out of the scrap. 

Check out our brief descriptions below of the color options you will receive in each bundle or nab a solid pile of your favorite J+J color, sold in 1 pound quantities. 

We cannot wait to see what you create… Happy Scrapping ! 

Jamie + the JonesComment