There is a lot that goes in to planning and executing collections here at J+J. A lot of moving parts are required to make our garments come to life, with specific roles for each step of the process. From initial sketching and planning, to patterning, sampling, testing, washing, and wearing; Each phase of the design lifecycle is an integral part of making our clothing come to life. 

We release items in small batches as opposed to bulk collections because we tend to get caught up in the beauty and craftsmanship of a single garment. For our basics alone, we spend a lot of time perfecting each seam and ensuring that the technique we use is substantial and holds up to the integrity of the fabric and silhouette.

If you are a seasoned J+J follower, you probably know by now how much we love textiles, whether it is every nub of raw silk, the intricate pattern of a woven cotton, or the art that evolves from marbling a single piece of flowing silk charmeuse. 

You also probably know how much we hate seeing beautiful, substantial scraps go to waste from the cutting table.

Before we made use of our scraps, we kept bags and bags stashed in storage in the hopes that we would come up with a way to utilize them. Sending these babies off to become filler for a pillow did not seem to give them the life they deserved (*Side Note: We don't really know what would become of our raw silk scraps… Maybe not truly being able to see these come back to life and in what capacity was just too hard a pill to swallow. Maybe we’re too sentimental!)

So we decided to utilize our leftovers first to make your decisions - hopefully - a little easier by offering you The J+J Swatch Kit… A way to find your J+J Color without the hassle of purchasing a full garment in a color way that may not suit you. 

And then came The J+J Scrap Bundle so you can create your own masterpieces with larger scrap pieces from the cutting table. 

And now, finally, The Scrap Collection … A little masterpiece of our own, where the tried and true J+J ethos meets textile design meets The Staple Basic Silhouette you know and love. 

We took our raw silk fabric remnants from the cutting table, created intricate shapes and patterns, and pieced them together on one of our most popular silhouettes in an effort to reduce waste and create a new timeless textile. 

One of our newest employees (and college pal!), Van, is an incredible seamstress with a knack for anything intricate. She was the one who replicated our original Embroidered Stripe Top, and didn't miss a single space measurement or stitch - and quite frankly, embroidered them far better than we ever did. 

Van’s first project when she began working for J+J was taking our original Scrap Dress sample created for The O’More College of Design Fashion Show - Our Alma Mater - and replicating it in our Staple Basic Silhouettes. Each silhouette - The Staple Tee, The Staple Split Tee, and The Staple Midi - has its own individual pattern created to flow in a gradient from top to bottom of the garment. Each raw silk ‘puzzle piece’ is then individually machine stitched. Van truly took our vision and created works of art for each Staple Silhouette. 

Presented in 2 gradients of our best selling color ways and one wild card - our original J+J colors- We can't wait to see how you wear our simple staple with a textile flair ;)

Jamie + the JonesComment