The Woven Project stems from our natural curiosity of wanting to understand how things are built from the ground up while incorporating our love for one of a kind textiles. 

Born in the 80's, we were raised in the era of mass consumerism. Naturally, as we got older, we began to question where and how things were made on the most basic level, from clothing we wore to the food we ate. It is probably why we both ended up in design school, where you are taught to look at clothing from the inside out -- The design, the pattern, the fabric, the stitching, the final result and how all of those elements create function with a specific aesthetic. 

One of our biggest struggles as designers when we began analyzing our brand was finding prints and patterns that could represent Jamie + The Jones. We didn't want to carry a pre-made print that wasn't exclusive to J+J and we couldn't afford the minimums or the headache that came with sourcing out fabric printing companies that could print on the quality natural fabrics we wanted. 

Beading + Embroidery started our initial love for creating our own textiles, followed quickly by Knitting + Crochet, and then finally our most time intensive textile technique: Fabric Marbling, our longest collaboration with The Teresa Hays Textile Studio. 

Having textiles custom to Jamie + The Jones allows us to put a lot of meaning behind the work we do, and gives you something that is almost always a limited or one of a kind piece. This is something we will always factor into our business as a way to preserve and promote the art in slow fashion. 

Weaving has always been a dream of ours, as it is the ultimate cloth created from the ground up: From fiber, to yarn, to cloth, to clothing. It is the ultimate Slow Process Design, where each part of the process is pivotal to its creation and intentional from the quality of the yarn used to the pattern that is woven by its maker. 

We have long talked about the difference between a slow fashion trend and actually slow process when it comes to creating our one of a kind textiles, but Tegan, our weaver for the second installment of The Woven Project said it best when we were getting to know her: 


"...Slow Fashion is not minimalism. It is thoughtful, carefully chosen fabrics with purpose and meaning that will push the elements of design." 


As we continue to push The Woven Project,  we want you to know that each of these talented women we are going to feature have put in hours of work in order to merge our vision with their own skill-sets. Each possesses a very different weaving aesthetic with one common thread: Their weaving loom (and all the tools and trinkets in between). 

Here are our first two weavers of The Woven Project: 


THE OVERSHOT T SWEATER:  Part of The Woven Project, this sweater is similar to our Mid-Weight T Sweater, but lighter in weight with a wonderful drape.  This sweater is a perfect stand alone piece and an easy transition into fall and winter layers. 

The Overshot T Sweater fabric has been hand-woven by Tegan Frisino in Glens Falls, New York. 

THE CHECKERED T SWEATER:  Part of The Woven Project, this sweater is similar to our Mid-Weight T Sweater, but with a sweet pattern sure to match anything. This sweater is a Go-To dream . The weight of this sweater is perfect for spring and summer nights that get a bit chilly.  Yet, also great for layering on a windy beach or a crisp evening in the city with your summer dress, and an easy transition into fall and winter layers. 

The Checkered T Sweater fabric is made up of 100%  U.S. grown cotton, which is then spun in Canada and the US. All fabric has been hand-woven by Katie Strano in Southbury, Conneticut.  It is coming back to our site soon, so stay tuned! 

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