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Laura Preston runs Vacilando Quilting Co. a mobile textile studio. It was born on the road in 2015. Each piece is designed and handmade in her mobile Airstream studio + home. She's traveled everywhere from coastal California, to rural Texas, to the heart of Brooklyn. Her handmade heirloom quality quilts, pillows, and canvas goods are inspired by travel, specifically landscapes and resonance with places. Laura aims to refresh and modernize the tradition of craft.

At J+J, working with craftspeople is one of the things we love most. Taking the time to slow down + appreciate the beauty of a hand-woven textile or the texture of a ceramic piece is something we see as essential. We sent Laura our Raw Silk Scraps + worked with her on designing quilts in two color-ways : Black, Sand, + Natural and Emerald, Olive, + Natural. This has been our first venture into making something for the home, and it's been exciting to see the entire process unfold + to finally be able to use the quilts in our own spaces.

We decided to ask Laura a few questions, so you could get to know a little bit more about her + her process. 


Who is your biggest inspiration artistic or otherwise?

Visually and artistically, landscapes and exploring new places always give me new ideas and inspirations. I'm also so inspired by all the women-owned creative businesses and female artists totally killing it and sharing it with the world. Like the ladies of Blockshop Textiles, Jamie + The Jones (of course!) Aleksandra Zee, Bryr Clogs, Elizabeth Suzann and so many more. It's so cool that we live at a time where brands and artists are so accessible - following their creative evolution through Instagram inspires me and pushes me to keep growing and improving. 

What is the most indispensable item in your studio?

My sewing machine! I hand pieced my very first quilt before I owned a sewing machine and it took FOREVER and is kinda falling apart now. 

What colors bring you the most joy?

It changes and depends on where I am (or where my mind is) but right now, I'm loving warm deserty colors like rust, blush and gold. Might be because I'm craving warm temps after winter or the fact that I'm headed to the California desert in a few weeks to get married!

What sets this collaboration apart from your regular practice?

Collaborations always push me outside of my box and help me to look at colors, shapes and design in a totally different way, which is why I love them. Inviting another voice into the design process and seeing another point of view, another way of seeing, expands the way I think about what a quilt can be and look like. 


What is your favorite way to relax?

I've really gotten into yoga over the past year, which is an instant body and mind relaxer. Walking or hiking with my pups is a fave when I'm somewhere new or beautiful. And spending time with my soon-to-be husband, enjoying a delicious meal or a proper cocktail always does the trick. 

What is your favorite music to listen to while you work?

I listen to a lot of podcasts while I work. I love music, but my mind tends to wander a little too far when I listen to music. Podcasts keep me focused, entertained and I learn a ton. My favorites lately have been Being Boss, 2 Dope Queens, Clever and The Sporkful. 

See more of Laura's work on her Website  and keep up with her day-to-day studio practice on her Instagram ! 

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