The J+J Swatch Kit: Your ultimate guide into our little colorful (+ textured) world... 

THE COLOR CAMPAIGN is the most efficient way to find YOUR J+J color.

Included are 16 Swatches of every color we offer in Raw Silk + Denim.  

Since Jamie + the Jones became a seasonless brand, we have been working on ways to bring out the best aspects of our company while focusing on fundamental elements that make us who we are today. J+J has always had a focus in color, textiles, + modern design that work in tandem with our easy + versatile silhouettes. 

The idea behind #THECOLORCAMPAIGN presented itself after a pattern of conversation transformed into a need that we could actually meet.

If you have shopped J+J since the beginning, or have been thinking of buying your very first piece, you have wondered...

"Which color will work best for my skin tone + hair color?"

And then...

"What is the difference in each of your fabrics you offer?"

What was once a challenge to answer to your unique self, we have now found the solution in one simple step:

Jamie + the Jones Fabric Swatches, in all colors, delivered to your mailbox (postage included). An easy way to find your J+J color without the hassle of exchanging. Swatches of our Raw Silk + Denim that you can touch + feel in order to make the best decision, first.

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