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We created The Color Campaign as a way to introduce you to our love for all things colorful here at Jamie + the Jones. Color inspires the way we think, feel, and often how we make decisions. It evokes emotion: Excitement. Tranquility. Comfort. Empowerment. Energy. 

Color has a way of enhancing what we already know is within. Imagine the way you choose a garment every morning from your closet. Do you move towards colors that help define your mood for the day? Perhaps ones that will make you feel radiant, inspired, grounded or calm? 

The Color Campaign is here to encourage you to find your J+J Color so you can evoke the radiance that is uniquely you. By using our Swatch Kits to find your color first, we eliminate the process of wondering whether certain hue will be right for your skin tone, or having to return a garment if it doesn't suit you. 

By finding your J+J Color, we hope you are surprised by the ones you love and become curious about the colors you never imagined. And that, most importantly, you feel radiant from the outside in.

Love You, Mean It.

Jamie + Hannah