J + J, Day to Day.

A routine. 

Fill orders. Pack orders. Meetings. Ship orders. PLAN. Order fabric. Dye fabric. Meetings. Schedule a marbling day. PLAN. Repeat. Sketch. PLAN. Meetings. Sketch. Repeat. 

A day at J+J starts with our To-Do list. We've got a computer copy and a paper copy. The paper copy exists for the sole purpose of crossing out a task in giant red marker - If you haven't tried it, the feeling is grand. 

The items you see above? All on the To Do List. Now, all crossed out and sent to various shops or to fill our rack at the studio, each of them having a purpose and a destination. Feeling: also grand.

Our goal every week is just to cross out a To Do list. It makes us feel a little more complete and a little less overwhelmed. It leaves room for those few days where we can just plan and days where we can leave a little early. 

Signing Off, 

Jamie + Hannah