Let's start our Staple Basic introductions with a bang and tell you a little about our favorite item of all time: The T Sweater. 

With all of our textile processes, we knew a basic garment would be the next addition for Jamie + the Jones. We wanted texture. We wanted comfort. We wanted something to throw on day-to-day without having to think about it. We wanted a "Go-To" garment to offer you, because with all of our noise, we want to give you a little subtle silence on the side. 

Can we tell you how many times we have worn this guy? It is probably too embarrassing to say, because we have two hanging in the studio that we never take home to wash. But, oh, you can wash them. And you can dry them. And they turn out even better than before.

When it gets chilly, this baby goes over anything for a perfect little layer and we pair it with shorts for the Summer (hey, it's cotton! so you've got some breathing room). 

Here is our pal Mary Ellen Skye styling up our T Sweater

This is Jamie + Hannah...

Signing Off.