We recently spoke with blogger Lee of The Style Bee  on what aspects we believe create a successful collaboration between two companies... 

"We see collaboration as a way for two separate entities to merge together and create a product that would seem impossible to do without the other… We love finding artisans who are able to bring something to the table that we have never thought of, and those who really know and understand their specific craft. We love the challenge of having to take very different concepts and join them together, while still staying true to the point of views of each brand involved. It creates a dialogue and is essential to our business so we can push our own limits."

We have done many collaborations in our time as Jamie + the Jones, + worked with artisans ranging from a marbler, a weaver, an artist, to even a glass-blower ("vintage" J+J). 

What we find by working with each different business is an extension of ourselves... Something that is created using vision and skilled trade that enhances the world we have created our brand around. 

This brings us to Ceri Hoover, who we have quite literally grown in the industry with. We met Ceri when her company was just an idea - A great one at that - while we were still working out of the upstairs room at Local Honey on Belmont Blvd. She was tenacious and determined to make her business work, something we were also trying to do. We traded secrets. We always kept in touch. And then came collaboration. 

We are definitely creatures of habit, especially when it comes to our wardrobe. In college, Jamie + I both carried the same bag throughout our education and years after. Our leather bags changed from camel to the lightest shade of taupe because of how much wear we put on our leather goods. And then we made our first trade with Ceri Hoover... And the bags have not left our paws. From the get-go, the impact we wanted to make with Jamie + the Jones was not just revolved around clothing. It was about the process, about the marbling, and about ease of design. Simple silhouettes. Color combinations that appeal to your eye. A bold print or pattern that is as loud as it is easy to dive into every hand marbled detail. 

Working with Ceri's leather was a no brainer. We call this a collaboration within a collaboration ( Are you guys sick of this word yet? ), as our marbler Teresa Hays is just as much involved in the process as we are - maybe a little bit more. She spent quite a long time testing, re-testing, and finding the science behind marbling leather - Something she had never done before. A challenge... Keeping us on our toes. Always learning. Always exploring. Just how we like to run this little business of ours + exactly what our collaborations are about. 

What came from this process is one of our proudest projects yet. 

Jamie + the Jones x Ceri Hoover. 

Classic + simple bag silhouettes. Subtle colors. Luxuriously soft leather. Hand marbling. All made one at a time. All one of a kind. 

Until Next Time... 

Hannah {the Jones}