Our Seasonless Approach...

At the beginning of February, we announced our plans to go Seasonless with Jamie + the Jones. 

We found ourselves racing to beat the clock every few months... Designing and re-designing collections based on Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, and all of the Pre-Seasons in between. This has been the norm in the fashion industry for as long as we can remember; Pushing out collections in order to provide customers and stores with more, more, more. 

In the time we have taken the role of 'Jamie + the Jones', we have always explained to you, our customer, about what it means to invest in the garments we produce.  We have explained the processes to you... From fabric marbling, to dyeing, to our often time-consuming collaborations; We have promised you that each product we put out there has been our very best, and better than the last. That is what we want to continue to do on our time, as there is no way we can give you the quality garments we make while keeping up with season after season. Our clothing isn't about adapting to weather, much less seasons simply created by the over-saturated fashion industry -- It is about wearing what you feel good in and keeping it for the long haul. 

We create pieces we want you to cherish and to grow a history with. 

To feel beautiful in. 

Pieces that love you back... Because they were created with you in mind using all natural fabrics and utilizing the processes we have mastered over the years (with a lot of help and guidance along the way).

Recently, someone shared with us this article from The Business of Fashion, focusing on brands that have turned their businesses to a seasonless approach, like us.

With this mindset becoming more of what we hope will be the norm, we ask that you keep finding brands and companies with this vision; Businesses that don't mass produce, ones that find a better way to manufacture garments, and ones that give thought to their products, even down to the content of the fabric they use and where it comes from.  

In a world of simple silhouettes, essential basic items, and staples for your wardrobe, we are somewhere in between as we embrace this concept as much as we embrace the art behind our textiles... Whether your goal is to provide a little marbled flair to your closet or add to your staple basics, We are here... And we are happy to have you on board. Stay tuned as we release our new collection in the coming months: A subtle pop of our favorite color, new silhouettes, the same 'ole J+J. 

Until Next Time...

Jamie + Hannah