Introducing: POTION #1

It’s here! 

Our favorite smell of all time — the essence of Jamie + The Jones in a bottle. An all over serum for your hair, your skin, your body, and your mind. 

We are simpletons when it comes to our beauty regimen. No fuss, just the essentials. 

Life gets busy. We wanted a product that would cover all the bases:  A moisturizer, toner, corrector, hair tamer, stress reliever… You get the drill. 

With the help of Little Seed Farm, Potion #1 came to life in a proprietary blend of some of our favorite 100% Organic Essential Oils with a focus on what we really needed: A way to keep our beauty routine to a minimum without losing the beneficial quality of the ingredients. 

Featuring Bergamot (promotes healthy + clear skin), Geranium (calms nerves + anxiety), and Clary Sage (lifts + lightens mood), we included other essential oils that ground the body +  mind, ease muscle tension, + purify the skin for a serum that you can quite literally use for anything… Anything, we tell you! 

The additional benefits for your skin + hair come with the base of Hazelnut Oil: 


  • Vitamin A + C which prevents the onset of fine lines + wrinkles
  • Vitamin E for skin hydration and radiance
  • Safe for those with gentle skin


  • Strengthening
  • Gives natural shine
  • Repairs dry and damaged hair (also great for lasting color) 
  • Repairs split ends


Meet Potion #1 : Our Everything Serum. 

The Making of Potion #1: 


We can’t say enough about James + Eileen of Little Seed Farm. We fell in love with their soaps long ago and when we met finally at Porter Flea, we started what would inevitably become a lifetime trade of products. Not long after, Potion #1 came into play.

Eileen is quite a genius when it comes to smell. If you haven’t smelled their blends, oh boy, you are in for a treat. 

We described to Eileen the J+J Woman: A free spirited, earthy human with a touch of refinement. She craves simplicity + nature but loves modern elements. She wants quality without hassle. She wants to own items that are simple, but make a subtle statement. She appreciates art, nature, and the beauty of living things. 

And then began the J+J Woman’s ‘Smell Mood': The comfort of nature, woods, earth, dirt, + paper - the essentials - blended with a bit of brightness… Subtle, floral elements with a pop of green. 

Eileen began mixing. We took a trip to Little Seed Farm and met in the soap barn. Racks and racks of color coordinated soap (If you know us at all, you know our love of color coordination) fill the space and the smell alone makes you want to bottle the building up and take it with you. We toured the farm, played with the goats, and didn’t want to leave.

From the base she had already created, we dropped in a few final touches. More mixing. More blending. Potion #1 was complete. 

We are happy to share our very first J+J beauty serum with you, friends. 


With every purchase of Potion #1, Jamie + the Jones will be donating 10% to The Mary Parrish Center for Victims of Domestic and Sexual Violence

The Mary Parrish Center is the only therapeutic transitional housing program in Tennessee for domestic and sexual violence victims (and their children) who have become homeless as a result. 

The MPC provides a safe, secure, and fully supportive 2 year program, free of charge, that enables victims to heal from their abuse and begin the prodigious task of rebuilding their lives.

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