Welcome To The Fam: THE T DRESS!!

J+J Pals, 

We've been long debating the idea of expanding our T Top into what is now The T Dress.

When designing, we tend to think of many ideas and silhouettes at a time, and then edit from that point further. Some ideas are thought out, scrapped, and then re-worked later, and others, like The T Dress are a natural progression to our world of silhouettes.

Since the start of J+J, our goal was to make simple, impeccably made garments that could express our love for color and textiles. Even when we were at our tiny studio at Local Honey in Nashville years ago, we celebrated the muted colors, patterns, + textures that spoke to us even if they weren't widely accepted just yet. 

Our thoughts on design from the beginning of J+J remain very similar to what you see today:  A variety of sophisticated basic silhouettes that you are able to wear day in and day out, in colors, textures, + patterns that fit your mood, color palette, style, features, hair color, and so on... 

In fact, every silhouette we have now is stemmed from our original patterns. Some fitted in just the right areas (The Staple Basics), others nipped in a little in the arms (Hello, T's!), and finally ones that we just want to billow + flow all the way to unfitted-town (that's you, Blank Canvas). 

So, that leads us to the effortless T Dress: The easiest addition to The J+J Silhouette Fam. 

We asked a couple of the gals at the studio today how they were going to wear their dresses now while the weather here in Nashville is merging into Springtime. In true J+J fashion, we decided to illustrate our ideas. Take a gander... We can't wait to see how you wear your T Dress so you better get to tagging us on Instagram ;) 

Until Next Time... 

Jamie + Hannah 



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