A Glimpse into J+J textiles: Marbling.

We have marbled with The Teresa Hays Textile studio going on 7 years now. People often wonder why we choose to not set up our own studio to marble fabric.

Let us tell you:

Teresa has been marbling since the 80's. She is the epitome of an artisan in that she knows every step of the process like the back of her hand. Marbling isn't just something that is 'done', although it can be and it is. 

What we have learned from Teresa is that true artisanal marbling requires calculation, knowledge, + a skill set that can only be acquired with time and patience... One that is practiced until it becomes a natural process, like picking up a pencil. One that looks effortless, but is time consuming and takes days to prepare and complete.

The entire marbling process takes around 3-4 days to fully finish to yield 15-20 pieces of fabric.

One Piece of Marbled Fabric = One Top.

Two Pieces = A Dress.

Remnants are then used for your Open Weave Sweaters so as not to waste a single sliver (We calculated this, too. One piece of marbled fabric = 4 Sweater Hems!). 

If you own a piece of J+J Marbling, it was washed, ironed,mordanted, marbled, washed, hung to dry, heat set, + washed again with the hands of Teresa, J+J, and an assistant.

One piece of fabric at a time.

A process.

An art. 

It is why they are our most expensive items, ones we sell the least of but get the most pride producing. We choose to marble because the pieces that come out of this lengthy process are truly those to be adored, cherished, and ones that we believe you should keep forever. 

Until Next Time... 

Jamie + Hannah

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