Let's Get Real.

Well, folks, this will be a long one, but it is not all bad news!!! 

Let's rip the bandaid off, shall we? Let's get to the point. No fluff, just facts. 

Our T Sweaters are on a brief hiatus. Hiatus, because we are back to the sampling process with a new weaving mill. Brief, because we are hoping we can get this done as quick as possible. But, perfection takes time, and we will give you nothing but The T Sweater you deserve. 

Not so bad, eh? (((( Whew, that was tough for us. ))))

Ok, now for the explanation. 

As you all know, we made a huge change in the production of our original T Sweater from a distant source with lovely, but often flawed fabric to an upgraded, softer, + more durable one that was woven close to home... About 25 minutes from our studio with our old studio mate Allison of The TN Textile Mill. 

Also as some of you may know, business is tough. Starting a business is tough. Sustaining a business is tough. Growing a business... Yep, tough. Creating, essentially, a whole new market of business that hasn't been tapped into in the Nashville area is even tougher. We've seen this as we were just out of college in 2009 + trying to start something of our own, when "New Nashville" was just barely being considered.  

Sadly, The TN Textile Mill is no longer. Business is tough. 

Our heart strings tug at the future we saw with "the girl with the loud clacking looms"... Because she is not just a business, she is our friend. Allison has graciously helped us along in the process of finding a new mill, as we did not want to give up on our dream of producing custom, beautiful fabrics locally + in the U.S.

So that gets us back to Step 1: Sampling. 

In order to get The T Sweater, we have to think about the weave of the fabric, which depends on the kind of weaving loom that is being used. We have to make sure the yarn works on a new style of loom, and that the fabric that is being weaved can hold up to the quality of our current T Sweater. 

We worked back and forth with Allison to get the exact weave we desired so it could replicate the consistency of the Original T Sweater that many of you probably still have, that we hope you cherish forever. We washed + wore the new sweaters to make sure they held up just the same, if not better. In other words, this part of the process just takes a little bit of time. And we like to get things right so we know we are giving you the best possible garment to love. 

That brings us to Step 2: Fabric Production. 

This, pals, is good news. The looms these ladies use are fast!!! And can hopefully get us a quicker turnaround time if our sampling goes well. 

This new mill is a little bit farther away, but we are so proud to be able to still say that these were woven by a small business in the U.S. with the best quality, yarn, + intention. 

And then, Step 3: Orders + Garment Production.

Well, this is the fun part!  We are now ready to start production.  The yarn is currently being spun in North Carolina in batches and then sent to mill in Chicago where is already being woven into fabric.  Due to the large demand of these sweaters, we have an estimated release date between November and December 2017.  We can't wait for you to get your hands on our Heavy Weight T Sweater!!


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