A little growth, a long time coming. 

During the course of this past year, we have seen Jamie + the Jones grow from seed, to sprout, to a blooming baby flower (maybe a vegetable? those are cute as babies, too).

Like any business small, large, or in between, we have experienced challenges that have propelled us and set us back, that ultimately challenged our patience (keeping all of our Raw Silk colors in stock) and ones that have defined us even more as a brand (Hello, new T Sweater!!!).

We have a team of gals here that keep us moving and shaking... Ashley, Alma, Christine, Jenny + Stephanie. They keep the J+J wheels churning so we can push forward in our business. Jamie handles numbers and "the now" (fabric/manufacturing supplies + back of house production) as I propel "the future" (branding + illustration, marketing) We merge ideas for designing new silhouettes and collections as well as keeping up with emails. Watering our studio plant Lois may be our greatest challenge. 

Just yesterday, Jamie + I were able to sit down and think about all we have done, the projects we have in the works, + my favorite part of the process: Planning ahead for the future. Fresh ideas, new designs, + pushing our comfort zone so we can become the brand we have always dreamt of. 

It is difficult as you begin growing a business to propel forward, especially once you have found something that just works. Our Raw Silk, available in many colors (with plans for more!), + our T Sweaters have been a constant for us over the past two years. We turned from a seasonal brand with silhouettes that come and go to a fully season-less brand so we can have our styles out year round. We didn't know, honestly, how well that would work. It was a risk. A challenge to find the perfect fits + silhouettes that could merge to all seasons. 

I think it is easy to stay in a safe zone. Creating things that you know will sell, without ever really pushing your limits and trying new things for fear of rejection or failure. I am proud of what we have accomplished, but now I feel too safe. And when I feel safe, I am uninspired + antsy. 

Thus comes the time to spread our wings and jump, again. All for J+J. 

So, for 2017, I am giving you our list. No, No. This isn't a "dream" list. This is the "IT IS HAPPENING THIS YEAR + SOME SOONER THAN YOU MAY THINK" list. These are current goals + projects we have that are already in the works + being executed as we speak: 

- Silhouettes from sizes XS - XL + pattern upgrades (This, my friends, is happening NOW.)

  •  Check out our updated Sizing Guidelines
  • All sizes are now offered in XS to XL
  • On all of our wider neck patterns, we made adjustments to the necklines by bringing in the width slightly in order to better cover exposed bra straps. 
  • The lower sleeve seam on our T Top was opened up slightly, giving a roomier feel to the arms, allowing for better movement
  • We added a bit of width to our Pocket Box Top sleeves for comfort
  • As our sizes increase, we added more width in the hems to better fit hip sizes and for added ease while putting on over your shoulders
  • Our Blank Canvas Top is now available in ALL sizes! (Yippie!) 
    • If you currently own and like the fit of a S/M, you will most likely be a Small
    • If you currently own and like the fit of a M/L, you will most likely be a Large
    • If you would like somewhere in between, we suggest the Medium

- Extended Lengths for Specific Silhouettes

- BOTTOMS (Yes. BOTTOMS. A Jamie Pant. A Hannah Pant. + More. 'Bout time, eh? ) 

- A Fashion Show at our Alma Mater, O'More College of Design

- Adding More Colors, More Silhouettes, + More FABRICS 

- A Color Campaign expansion

So there it is... Six Categories. Perfecting fit, finding your perfect size + color, more versatility, + more.

All with secrets + subcategories underneath. Some may prove to be a pain, some may be more challenging than others, some may surprise us (just like our T Sweater) but that's the fun of it, no?

Until Next Time... 

Hannah (the Jones) 

... with Jamie's approval. 






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